Eda Yorulmazoğlu

Eda Birthing

Eda Yorulmazoglu is a Turkish/American designer who dresses many talented drag queens, performers, and creates narratives and creatures to influence her designs and concepts. Her stories are based on real-life experiences, altered to become a dark humor comic for everyone to enjoy and relieve their own stresses. Yorulmazoglu’s goal is to distract people from their everyday lives, whether things are shitty or not, and bring them back to a time of innocence and purity. Yorulmazoglu gives soul and life to each creature and gives them an opportunity to live in our world. The world that Yorulmazoglu is trying to portray is not a physical place, they are not intended to live in one place. They are meant to be everywhere. The creatures are not intended to blend into our world, but more so to teach people that it is okay not to fit in and there are other types of beauty, to take life less seriously, and to relive their childhood as an adult.